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The long line at the bank

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Last week I had the opportunity to go to the bank. The bank I needed to go to is a government bank which can be known for its long lines. Also, it would just inherently seem institutional.

I entered the back at 1:15 and took a number. My lucky number was 196. The sign said they were currently helping the person with number 119. That was my prompt to take a slow stroll around the mall.

Not being much interesting in shopping, my slow stroll was fairly quick... maybe 10 minutes. When I returned the machine showing what number they were serving was blank!

Another customer asked the security guard and he directed them to the blank sign. A little while later the sign came back to life and guess what? They were still on number 119!

I decided I would just sit and enjoy the wait the best I could. I was hoping that most of the customers between 119 and 196 got bored and left. I sat down and noticed that everyone had a frank face on. Almost like the woman pictured here.

Everyone, those waiting, the tellers, the customer service representations, the guards. Even the customers engaging in conversation with other customers while they waited all had the same frown. It was simply contagious!

Over the next hour the numbers slowly marched ahead, often skipping large segments of people who abandoned the wait. Because they advanced the numbers quiet rapidly if there was no apparent response, when number 190 was called I got up and went near the line.

A few minutes later 196, my lucky number was up and I proceeded quickly to the designated teller. But, a little old lady squeezed in just ahead of me and put her ticket on the counter. I could clearly read its' number, 296!

When the next teller opened up I went there to be turned away, I had to go to my assigned teller, who had just skipped 100 numbers ahead!

Finally I was helped. I pointed out that I had number 196 and the lady before me had 296. My comment was completely ignored! I guess the teller was so emotionally burnt out from holding that frown all day that she was simply unable to respond!

Now, I realize, this is a government institution and one might believe they need to be cold and harsh. But aren't there some simple things that could cheep up the place ever so slightly. If not for the customers, for the employees!

What do you think?

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I had the same experience with you and I know how disappointing it was when you were stuck in that kind of situation in the bank. I just can't figure out why these kinds of system exist. I think it is a matter of correct management system of the company. They witness the inconvenience brought to the customer and they should know how to resolve it. It simply needs reform.
Honestly the government back really lack a decent system, even the tellers are so grumpy and exhausted.

This is the primary reason that if I don't often get the services of public establishments, for it can usually be unfair and the people inconsiderate. Sadly, you already have an account on their system, but next time be sure to fight for your right. Don't let anyone cut your line. Immediately point out that you are supposed to be there as what the prompter has displayed.

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That is true. I also got the same experience with banks. What I have observed is that whenever people are to bring in money to them, they are too quick on assisting them. But once you want to get money from your very own savings, you have to line up and wait for your turn which takes forever.. How I wish that this system would end and much better service be done for the customers.
You read the story and then you feel hey this has happened to me before. Its true that this is the thing which you experience not only in the Government banks but also in other Government based sectors. Damn the employees face are so grumpy sometimes you feel as if you step into some torture cell; bad sign being one when you smile at one and they don’t return your smile back!!
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That's right. This kind of situation doesn't happen solely in the banks. Even employees from other sectors do such disapproving service. I think they need to make necessary actions on this which can somehow benefit the customers. There should be respect for both parties. Change the management system if needed, so that at least the company can still keep the customers. I hope it helps. Thanks and great day to all.
These banks are really pathetic. The long line at the bank is really absurd and I just like you guys, I also find it irritating. One time, I had to deposit a chenck for our company and I waited like ten years before I finally finished it.

I hope that proper authorities will do something about it. This is a sort of a customer service problem so this has to be regarded. Thank you.

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I have always observed the same thing with people in the bank. Everybody is so serious and you can't hardly see folks smiling. And speaking of banks, the scene would never be complete without those very long lines and stressed tellers. I think it is important that the management of each banks address this problem properly. What would happen if we let this problem continue? Maybe people would get tired of the banking system.
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Well, rules are rules.

I think you have experienced the bad side of the system, but since the bank is still using such system means that there is a good to this type of crowd control. The only thing that can spoil such decent crowd control system are impatient and inconsiderate customers who cuts line which Spider here had experienced. I say let them know your disappointment and irritation, even if it has to mean humiliating them. Regardless the age and gender, unless specified in the protocol (example: senior citizens first) then one has the right to express their disappointment in the management. It is your basic right.

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If I were the one who experienced what you went through, I would try my darned best to not go to that bank again! It doesn't matter if it's a government bank or a private bank. They are a service company. Their income lies on the number of people who save money and transact in their bank so if their service sucks, they might as well close down. The least they can do is to smile and serve their clients well because these are the people whose taxes are used to pay for their salaries, right?
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This government bank should just close down if its staff won't improve their customer service. They can at least make their clients feel welcome. If they are bored with their job, then they should resign and let more competent accounting graduates take their place.

Even if the line is long and you see that the bank tellers are pleasant and fast movers, you won't get irritated. Even government banks also need to treat their clients well.

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Customers need satisfying service and it is the responsibility of the company to provide this kind of service. There are really some banks who could not manage a very nice system. So often times, customers complain. If this continuously happens, what will happen to the company? I think it won't thrive and it would even diminish in the industry. So owners should realize the importance they should give for the customers.
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Philippe Castro

Same is true with me. I have lots of experienced when it talks about long line in the bank. It was like waiting for rain in a drought and the saddest part is when you are now on the line, you will not be gratify of their service and the teller would not treat you the way you expect it to be. How can the company or even the government succeed if they don't know how to listen?
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novie angelie

Hi there!

I think you should talk to the manager next time when that problem occurs again.. People who are not that knowledgeable in that area would really get dismay of that fact.. Well, I've never experience that proble, But thanks to the information you've got. It will really be a great help if we encountered the same proble as yours


Thank you so much and have a great day to all of you guys!

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I understand how annoying it is to fall in line when you go to the bank. It seems like it is just a waste of time. But if the management of this financial institution knows how to change the system I think they can satisfy their customers. Well these banks have their own lapses but if you complain I think it is just fine so that at least they get feedback from customers and they'll learn to improve.
Those with no skills are doomed to civil service they say. Really, the people working for the government are good , hard working people however the system itself makes anyone with any ambition and drive to seek more satisfying employment in the private sector. That's why all government workers everywhere have that same look you see in the photo.
Many times, the people who actually serve the customers are part time workers who are either going to school or working three other part time jobs to make ends meet as they have zero marketable skills of their own. Give them a break the next time you want to get angry at a customer service agent. Why? Because they won't give a damn and you'll get even worse service.
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